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suresh babu koothuparamba Speech full version download free

Suresh babu koothuparamba speech full version download free  Here you can download an awesome speech by Mr. Sureshbabu koothuparamba. He is very very humorous and highly brilliant in his own area. Basically a teacher and a politician too. Anyway you just download the speech from here and try to hear it. Kindly share this post to your friends and family,only if you love this awesome speech.
Download free



You can directly hear this speech by clicking below:

Arivarangu 2015, Fighters – Janakeeya vayanasala – Inauguration function speech. This speech is in mp3 format and kindly share the the post to your family members and friends. In modern world, the speech makes double thinking in everyone’s mind.

If you love this awesome malayalam speach of Mr. Suresh babu, Koothuparamba, Kannur Dist, then kindly share this post now.


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  1. Wonderful speech by suresh babu sir. Great.

  2. Fr Jojo Skariah John

    Can I contact Mr. Suresh Babu Koothuparambu sir.

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